Monday, 24 December 2012


For all the blogers and miniature fans out there have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Friday, 14 December 2012


This is why I love the holidays with my parents so much!

A beautiful Christmas three on one end:

 (Somehow I can’t get this picture strait up! grrr)

  And an entire Christmas village on the other and somehow every year it seems to get bigger! I know its not really dollhouse related but it’s still miniature and I just wanted to show you guys!

I love the amount of detail it has, like the guy with the face palm after his friend drops face down in the snow!
I know some of the pictures just don’t do it justice but it looks the prettiest at night so the pictures are a little dark!

The village has all  sorts of markets and people shopping


but also skiers.....

And even a snowball fight!:

If only life was that easy!

Next step:
finishing the garden and making my dolhouse christmas ready!
Mini hugs mandy
(>^^)> <("<)

Thursday, 29 November 2012

Second hand finds!

Today i've gone to the second hand store and I was verry pleased with what I found. Some ikea dollhouse furniture. The best part is that it only cost me €2.50 i'm loving it! Im goin to revovate them and use them in the new dolhouse contest. More on that later on!

Mini hugs mandy
(>^^)> <("<)

Friday, 23 November 2012

Annie and linda partners!!

Annie and Linda are two partners from each other  for the holiday swap so make sure to email each other with your shipping informations etc. good luck ladies

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Anna and Linda!!!!!

Hello hello where are you? Anna your swap partner want to exchange shipping adresses! And linda if you are still interested I might have found you a partner!!!! Please contact me on mij email:


Sunday, 18 November 2012

Holiday swap partners!

All right everyone its time to announce you’re swap partners... there weren’t as many participants as I would have hoped, but I think that has something to do with the late time to start. Next year I’ll definitely try to do this a lot earlier on. But for those who did want to join don’t worry we have just enough people to make a match! So without further ado here come the swap partners!

Drum roll please….

first two partners:
(from michymoominiatures) and me! (From mini modern mind, but of course you knew that!)

And the second two swap partners are:
otterine (from otterine)  and   Anna(from myminis )
and there room is: the study!

Now it’s time to get creative and make you’re swaps ready for Christmas! And once you’ve got yours in the mail don’t forget to post what you’ve received from your partners!

Good luck everyone and I look forward to seeing the great things you guys will come up with

Mini hugs!(>")> <(^^<) Mandy

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Winter Holiday Swap!

Oke so I’ve decided its time for a swap.
But I didn’t want to make it any normal swap so I’m creating a new kind: a swap with multiple people. I’ll call it the: the winter holiday swap.

So here’s how it works:
This is a swap for anyone who wants to enter. Because what’s more fun than getting some unexpected gifts during Christmas..?
If you want to enter just write your name and blog in the comments below. And in a weak from now I will announce you’re swap partner. I will put all the participants’ names in a hat and then pull out two names randomly each time. This will tell you who you will be swapping with. I will also pull a room out of another hat, say... (A living room, kitchen, bathroom, garden etc.) This will be a part of the swap.
Once I’ve pulled you’re names. You will have until the 16th of December to make you’re swap and send it to make sure the packages arrive in time for Christmas. And now for the swap:

Each swap has to contain six items.

Nr. 1:  one of the items must be something big! Like for instance furniture...
Nr.2: the second item has to be an accessory. What kind is totally up to you
Nr.3: the third item has to be something for a dollhouse Christmas…
Nr 4: the fourth item has to be something that’s related to the room I’ve picked out of the hat for you.
Nr. 5: the fifth item has to be something you’ve made your self. This can be whatever you can think of!
And Nr 6:  is a surprise item.

Go nuts and use you’re creativity.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012


Hi everyone,  just wanted to let you know i'm working on opening an etsy shop for my decorative letter signs and memo boards. I'm trying to make it work without me having to go and get a creditcard. Right now I can't open it with out  a creditcard and I dont have one of those. I'll keep you guys posted!

Mini hugs (>^^)> <(^^<) Mandy

You've got Mail!


Today I was so excited when I got two packages in the mail!!

The first one was the cubebot that we need for the call of the small challenge.


And the second was the giveaway that I’ve won from mini mod pod.:


I'm pleased to say that everything arrived safe and sound and nothing was broken. Witch was what I’ve feared most reading all the stories online.
I was also very happy with the little extra gift Cyd from mini mod pod had given me... Two igloo chairs!!!

Needles to say these two packages made my day. And I’ve been playing around with different scene’s to make with them all day long. More of those to come! But for now I'm on my happy cloud!

Mini hugs!(>")> <(^^<) Mandy

Monday, 22 October 2012

Filling up the pots.

Filling up the pots.

Today I’ve been making some plants for my garden. I’ve filled up some of the pots I had and made some plants that still needs some dirt on them I think they look very nice.


Mini hugs!(>")> <(^^<) Mandy

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Making the garden.

Yesterday I’ve made some serious process with my own garden. First of I’ve made my two brick walls.
 And while they were drying, I’ve marked where they would come to stand and where the stone patio would be.

Then I’ve covered the rest with grass and started making the stone patio. That has been painted as well. The walls are already attached to the ground. Here are some pictures of the progress I loving it more and more as I reach the end of my project.

This is my garden lounge set how cool are they!
 Mini hugs!(>")> <(^^<) Mandy

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Memo away!

All right. Remember how I told you about the decorative letter signs and how I saw them everywhere. Well I was making some letter signs when I thought of something else that’s really often being combined with these letters here. :
Memo boards.

So after thinking it over I took my supplies and made these:
Cork memo boards. I’ve made them in many different sizes and colors so they can be placed in a spacious bachelor pad as well as a romantic café or in a luxurious loft because there handmade each one has a little hand n them that sais hand made!
Here’s some shot of them in a scene. I personally think the combine really good with the signs to!!

Two new decorative letter signs: living and love:

The Memo boards:

What do you guys think?

Mini hugs!(>")> <(^^<) Mandy

Dollhouse fair 6 october.

Hi everyone...
Well some of you may have read about it before in my previous post but this weekend was the doll house fair in the Netherlands... and it was great fun! Unfortunately as always there weren’t so much modern items because the only ones that where there sold me something that was broken last time and refused to trade it! let’s just say that I don’t like going back to that stand so I’ve ignored them  and their minis( even though the were calling out my name) and enjoyed the rest of my day.

I did manage to get some items to finish my garden.

*Quick* recap on that a year ago I went to the dollhouse fair to and I saw a stand that sold the most tinni tinny birds.  As such they made this cute little scene in a garden using these bird and guess what… the garden was actually for sale as a kit! So I went along and bought the garden kit and some stuff to put in it. (A bird, some pots for plants, and of course grass!) How ever when I came home I found out that the brick compound that I wanted to use for my wall had become hard so I put in some water just like the instructions said .that would make it thinner and you could use it again. But of course me and my happy mind aren’t paying close attention and I ended up putting in too much water. Now I couldn’t use it anymore! Safe to say I moved it away for a while... but lately I was thinking that I actually wanted to finish it.

So without further ado I went looking for plants and boy did I find them a whole stand! Tree tables long and the best part!! Mega cheap (my budget was more exited then me I guess!!) I also bought a daddy husky for my two puppies. And some Halloween stuff. Below you’ll see some pictures of what I’ve bought and a picture of the garden the way the creator made it so al credits go out to them.
The plants:
Some halloween stuf.:

the dog and two other animals for in my garden.:
 And the little bird (I allready bought this one before)


This is the garden of the creator! pretty cool hu!

Mini hugs!(>")>  <(^^<) Mandy

Thursday, 4 October 2012

Finally Lekman

I’ve finally entered the land of the living miniaturists!

Just kidding. But I did finally buy the lekman box from IKEA. It’s the ideal modern room box for my dollhouse scenes.

I know many of you are already using the lekman box. And I’m still trying to figure out how to wallpaper it and what to use for the floor, but for now I’m just using my note book panels.
I was also inspired by some of the things I saw here at IKEA, including a fake fireplace they made in real life. It looks amazing and I’m trying to figure out how to make it in miniature myself now... it should be very easy considering it was white and strait and had only two holes’ in it. Feeling inspired as always I decided to get started on the logs they had by the fireplace .

After unwrapping and putting together my lekman box I decided to take apart some pillows that I bought earlier, these pillows where way to big!! So I decide to open them up take some of the filling out and then sew them back in place. As I was doing this I looked outside and got a bit sad by the weather I was raining al day! My sisters Chihuahua was visiting me and when he looked at me like this:

I got an idea!
Feeling inspired I decided to start making a scene in my lekman box.
Here are some pictures of a little scene I tried to make:

someone destroyed my pillow…. But who?
 could it be the dog..? he’s laying down way to quietly for this..


On another note:
This weekend me and my mom are both going to the dollhouse fair on 6 October. I want to see if I can get some items there so I can finish my garden (I haven’t shown you guys that jet!). And maybe even collect some other modern miniatures. I’ll keep you posted on that

Mini hugs Mandy

New bed! Sort of!


Refurbishing my DHE. Bed.

A while ago I bought this bed in white by DHE miniatures.
I thought it was very modern and there for it would fit perfectly in my dollhouse.
But I thought it was all little plain to the eye.

Dressing its up with al little purple plaid didn’t work so I decided I would give its some sheets!
I went with the color gray so it would fit into a girl’s room as well as a boy’s room. For the girl’s room you just dress it up with pillows :)

Friday, 28 September 2012

Decorative letter signs

Have you ever seen any of these with someone?


Well I have...
Probably because there hugely popular in the Netherlands right now. Anny way... as always my head start spinning with idea’s… so today I got inspired to craft these  for my dollhouse scenes I’ve made four in total:


Mandy (my name!)


And of course : Home.


Unfortunately the base that I made for the welcome sign wasn’t long enough so you will see that one later.. I’ve also used them in a couple of scenes ..

I think they look great!