Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Changing up the bedroom

Oke everyone it’s time to change up my bedroom scene As I’ve told you before I like changing up things from time to time this time it was the bedrooms turn here’s how it looked before:
And here’s how it looks now. :
The girl who lives here is a young adolescent who is absolutely obsessed with the twilight book series! As you can see she has the entire series on her shelf.

She’s a great fan of music and knows how to play the guitar.


And she’s currently going to school to learn to be a nail artist. She has been practicing on her manicure hand and is now read to try a design on her own nails.

But first she wants’ something to drink.

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Miniaturas Modernas


Oke so here is my (very late) entry to the second annual modern minis contest, I always think of a back story to what the owner of the house is doing and when I was putting this scene together the story just came to me. The owner of this pad ! is a lady and she just came home from a big shopping spree. Now we all know that most women love to shop even if they have no good reason. But this lady did! You see all of her mail has been left unopened because she found a letter in the mailbox that was way more important. She’s  got an invite to a high school reunion. She’s so excited to see everyone again. And of course she has to look her best ! is the high school hottie still hot? Watt ever became  of that tall nerdy kid did he really become a millionaire? And how many of her former friends have gotten kids now?
After she went shopping she sat down on her comfy sofa with a hot cup of coffee and some old photo’s from way back when… she was so skinny there.. Hmm maybe she should save that piece of freshly baked pie for after the reunion…..



Mini hugs Mandy

Kitchen is a swap gift by Mad for mod and the coffee table I won from her, sofa is made by me thanks to the tutorial of the lovely pepper at mitchymoominiatures. TV, table, shopping bags, birthday cards , photo’s and documents, love Singing and magazine holder, pillows, coffee, jars of penutbutter and jam made by me. The rest are miniature finds