Thursday, 4 October 2012

Finally Lekman

I’ve finally entered the land of the living miniaturists!

Just kidding. But I did finally buy the lekman box from IKEA. It’s the ideal modern room box for my dollhouse scenes.

I know many of you are already using the lekman box. And I’m still trying to figure out how to wallpaper it and what to use for the floor, but for now I’m just using my note book panels.
I was also inspired by some of the things I saw here at IKEA, including a fake fireplace they made in real life. It looks amazing and I’m trying to figure out how to make it in miniature myself now... it should be very easy considering it was white and strait and had only two holes’ in it. Feeling inspired as always I decided to get started on the logs they had by the fireplace .

After unwrapping and putting together my lekman box I decided to take apart some pillows that I bought earlier, these pillows where way to big!! So I decide to open them up take some of the filling out and then sew them back in place. As I was doing this I looked outside and got a bit sad by the weather I was raining al day! My sisters Chihuahua was visiting me and when he looked at me like this:

I got an idea!
Feeling inspired I decided to start making a scene in my lekman box.
Here are some pictures of a little scene I tried to make:

someone destroyed my pillow…. But who?
 could it be the dog..? he’s laying down way to quietly for this..


On another note:
This weekend me and my mom are both going to the dollhouse fair on 6 October. I want to see if I can get some items there so I can finish my garden (I haven’t shown you guys that jet!). And maybe even collect some other modern miniatures. I’ll keep you posted on that

Mini hugs Mandy


  1. Ha! My dog did that to our sofa once...

  2. Funny where our inspiration comes from! Don't permanently fix wallpaper to walls of Lekman box, use blue tak or stick paper to false walls, then you can reuse over and over as the mood takes you!

    1. Great idea do you guys use scrapbook paper a lot..? I’ve read it on other blogs but I always thought it would be way too heavy to stay up.