Thursday, 11 October 2012

Dollhouse fair 6 october.

Hi everyone...
Well some of you may have read about it before in my previous post but this weekend was the doll house fair in the Netherlands... and it was great fun! Unfortunately as always there weren’t so much modern items because the only ones that where there sold me something that was broken last time and refused to trade it! let’s just say that I don’t like going back to that stand so I’ve ignored them  and their minis( even though the were calling out my name) and enjoyed the rest of my day.

I did manage to get some items to finish my garden.

*Quick* recap on that a year ago I went to the dollhouse fair to and I saw a stand that sold the most tinni tinny birds.  As such they made this cute little scene in a garden using these bird and guess what… the garden was actually for sale as a kit! So I went along and bought the garden kit and some stuff to put in it. (A bird, some pots for plants, and of course grass!) How ever when I came home I found out that the brick compound that I wanted to use for my wall had become hard so I put in some water just like the instructions said .that would make it thinner and you could use it again. But of course me and my happy mind aren’t paying close attention and I ended up putting in too much water. Now I couldn’t use it anymore! Safe to say I moved it away for a while... but lately I was thinking that I actually wanted to finish it.

So without further ado I went looking for plants and boy did I find them a whole stand! Tree tables long and the best part!! Mega cheap (my budget was more exited then me I guess!!) I also bought a daddy husky for my two puppies. And some Halloween stuff. Below you’ll see some pictures of what I’ve bought and a picture of the garden the way the creator made it so al credits go out to them.
The plants:
Some halloween stuf.:

the dog and two other animals for in my garden.:
 And the little bird (I allready bought this one before)


This is the garden of the creator! pretty cool hu!

Mini hugs!(>")>  <(^^<) Mandy

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