Wednesday, 23 January 2013

making the garden part 2

Finishing the garden. Today I’ve glued the last remaining items to my garden. The pergola is standing up and is covert with the plants... and the stone patio is on its place! Here is the result:

I’ve also added some of the plants however; I decided to leave the Roses out because I didn’t like the colors with the blue flowers. So instead I’ve made a big standing Garden piece with some more green in it. 

Placing the furniture and some animals that like to hide in gardens.  

And a new dog (second hand find for 0.50 cents!) that I’m going to paint as our own.
The white big vase is actually a secondhand find to! I’m planning on making some big bamboo sticks to go in there but I’m not entirely sure how I’m going to accomplice that.

I’ve placed some drinks and food on the table to make it look like some is actually sitting in the garden.
And the bike shows that the owner has just gotten back from grocery shopping. I like my dollhouses to have a '' Lived in look'' to them to make it even more realistic.

Overall I’m very pleased with the way it looks.

Mini hugs Mandy

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Kitchen ooh kitchen..

I’ve been drooling over the beautiful kitchens they have for dollhouses.
Such as these from elf miniatures:

And these from prd miniatures and minismodernas:
unfortunately I’m on a very tight budget when it comes to miniatures right now (close to nothing) because I need to spend all of my money  for my real 1:1 size house (I’m moving on my own!! Wohoo) since I’m a long way from finishing that!  I’m annoyed that my doll house isn’t finished jet and therefore cannot take it’s rightful place in my room! The only room I still have to finish is the kitchen/ dining room. But somehow finding a modern kitchen in Holland is close to impossible! So I’ve been looking for other sites and I found  the kitchens shown above! But the prices are just too much right now so  I’ve been trying to figure out a way to get a modern style  kitchen for a smaller budget but that would still be a hard task.

So I’m shouting out to you guys for help!


Do you guys have any idea how I can maybe make my own kitchen and what materials etc. I would need?  I’m not a star with power tools (plus my dad won’t let me borrow them)
Or do you maybe know someone who has made one themselves and who would like to share how they did it? Do a tutorial about this!

I really hope you guys can help me out !
Mini hugs!(>")> <(^^<) Mandy

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

My holiday swap items

My holiday swap:

Ok so due to mega lack of time I wasn’t able to upload what amazing things
Pepper(from michymoominiatures) has given me in our holiday swap! So it’s about time that I do that now!
( I apologize in advance if the pictures are bad, but my camera’s flash broke! GRRR)
The swap had some rules to it. They were:

Each swap has to contain six items.

Nr. 1: one of the items must be something big! Like for instance furniture...
Nr.2: the second item has to be an accessory. What kind is totally up to you
Nr.3: the third item has to be something for a dollhouse Christmas…
Nr 4: the fourth item has to be something that’s related to the room I’ve picked out of the hat for you.
Nr. 5: the fifth item has to be something you’ve made your self. This can be whatever you can think of!
And Nr 6: is a surprise item.

Luckily for me I got my package one day before I went on vacation so not opening until Christmas was very easy!
The room I had draw for us was the bathroom!

And here is what I’ve got:

 Nr. 1: A chair with pillow


 Nr.2: Some picture frames ,And two vases
Nr.3: A clear acrylic Christmas tree

Nr 4: A bathroom sink with opening drawers and cabinets!

Nr. 5: A miniature prestige saw

And Nr 6: A little plushy elephant

Unfortunately the Christmas tree got damaged during transport but I’m hoping some glue can fix that!


Any way I’m very happy with my beautiful items I hope the others are too!

Mini hugs!(>")> <(^^<) Mandy