Friday, 28 September 2012

Decorative letter signs

Have you ever seen any of these with someone?


Well I have...
Probably because there hugely popular in the Netherlands right now. Anny way... as always my head start spinning with idea’s… so today I got inspired to craft these  for my dollhouse scenes I’ve made four in total:


Mandy (my name!)


And of course : Home.


Unfortunately the base that I made for the welcome sign wasn’t long enough so you will see that one later.. I’ve also used them in a couple of scenes ..

I think they look great!


  1. ooh I want!!! Sell them please Mandy... I have been wanting thesae exact things in miniature...what did you make them from? do you have a laser cutter?

  2. These are so cute!! Yes, I agree with Jaz, you should totally sell these! (Found your blog through Jazzi's link party) :D

  3. Hi I don’t have a laser cutter I bought the letters at a local craft store the base I made myself and I painted them I don’t know how I can sell them jet.. But I think they would make a cute edition to a swap