Monday, 30 September 2013


As you all know I had started A challenge over the course of the summer:

The challenge was:

To create a scene to make it look like the inhibitor has just gotten back from a holiday or is just going on a holiday! Whatever you decide to make is up to you but there is one catch.
The scene must show your holiday destination! whether it’s in the form of a road map, a shopping bag, a suitcase label or something else it must be shown in the pictures

 The Winner will receive these prizes:

Since I only had one participant, The winner is clear as glass!
Take a look at this great welcome home scene made by her:

Dear Kristine please contact me about witch one of the tables you want to have so that I can send you your prizes!

Mini hugs Mandy

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  1. congratulations Kristine, *sorry I didn't participate Mandy I was sick*