Sunday, 27 October 2013

undersized urbanite dollhouse contest!

Undersized Urbanite contest.

Ok so I've decided to enter again this year but this time I've decided to enter with an entire house
I'm planning on making it really masculine this time and considering my 17 year old cousin decided that dollhouses are for kids only I decided I'm going to prove him wrong. He is studying to be an architect and his taste is very modern (like mine)So  I figured why not combine the two and make an architect loft! This lady at my work gave me the perfect base to start with and it's going to be very sleek with lots of white grey and wood items.

Here's the base where I'm going to make the loft from:
Also we went to this small dollhouse fair here in Holland a few
weeks back and I bought some items that are definitely going to be in there:
A kit for some document folders

 A very cool vitrine closet

Some leather for the sofa!

A pringels can
A modern vase

Two Glass jars

Three suitcases
A black plate

Some architect drawing tools!

And a cupcake

I've also made a concrete coffee table:

Well that was all I've done so far lets get back to building our house!

Mini  Hugs Mandy


  1. Well you already have a great start with your base and all of the things you bought at the fair. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with =0)

  2. I love your plan! What did you make the coffee table from?

    1. I actually used some left over tilles from my bathroom!