Wednesday, 11 September 2013

I’ve been creative!

Hello everybody,
I just wanted to let you know that despite my absence in blogging I have been busy.
Besides officially moving In, in my own house(jay!!)
I’ve also been making a few things such as these:

A bath tub!


 I've made it out of an old picture frame:
you can place it on the stand with the bottom foot.


Or you can hang it on the hole in the back:
I've also made this cabinet witch was inspired by this photo I've found on Google:
only I've decided to not make the pipe go all the way through because that would take away from the space on the shelves

And last but not least I've made a bulletin board inspired by the great: the shopping sherpa

All and all I love these items and you will be seeing them in a few scenes soon !
Mini hugs Mandy


  1. I really love the bath tub! Every time I go into a home decor store I check out the dishes to see if they have anything suitable for a modern miniature tub. The shape is very modern, what a great piece! I also really like your shelf, once the little accessories are on it looks just perfect for a scene. All the pieces are so creative, well done :)


  2. Love the bath tub! How did you do that?