Wednesday, 23 January 2013

making the garden part 2

Finishing the garden. Today I’ve glued the last remaining items to my garden. The pergola is standing up and is covert with the plants... and the stone patio is on its place! Here is the result:

I’ve also added some of the plants however; I decided to leave the Roses out because I didn’t like the colors with the blue flowers. So instead I’ve made a big standing Garden piece with some more green in it. 

Placing the furniture and some animals that like to hide in gardens.  

And a new dog (second hand find for 0.50 cents!) that I’m going to paint as our own.
The white big vase is actually a secondhand find to! I’m planning on making some big bamboo sticks to go in there but I’m not entirely sure how I’m going to accomplice that.

I’ve placed some drinks and food on the table to make it look like some is actually sitting in the garden.
And the bike shows that the owner has just gotten back from grocery shopping. I like my dollhouses to have a '' Lived in look'' to them to make it even more realistic.

Overall I’m very pleased with the way it looks.

Mini hugs Mandy


  1. It is wonderful! The furniture is fantastic and the hedge hog is so cute! Nice job!

  2. Its wonderful ;)

    I have seen bamboo beads in both green and brown when visiting Michaels recently. They look like sections of bamboo.

    But sanding a small dowl in sections would look great too like bump, sand, bump ;P

    Good luck hon ;)

  3. It looks so good! That furniture is fantastic and I love the bicycle.

  4. Hi Mandy...believe me, it's never too late to start..I began about a year ago and I'm "of a certain age." Your stuff is cool and it looks like you are having a good time.

  5. Me encanta como te ha quedado es una verdadera maravilla, precioso!!
    besitos ascension

  6. I just found your blog! Great job on the garden and I love the furniture!

  7. Everything is lovely. Nice work! I love the bicycle with the groceries in it.