Thursday, 14 February 2013

Be mine....

Happy valentine’s day everyone!

Mini*Aesthetics was organizing a challenge:

Design a scene around some holiday or observance in February (Valentine's Day, Wear Red for Women, Chinese New Year)

And here’s what I came up with!

Our lady of the house is being surprised bij her man!

When she enters the door there’s a trail of rose leafs and candles that she, according to the note must follow.

 On the end of the trail she finds two roses for her. Two cocktails and a heart made out of rose petals.
In the sitting area her love put two heart shaped pastries and some hot coffee
Isn’t that a sweat gesture who know what ells he might be planning maybe a marriage proposal..? or something else let your imagination run wild what do you think that will happen here tonight?

Mini hugs Mandy


  1. Beautiful Mandy...and everything a girl could wish for!

  2. Indeed and perhaps when I return home I'll find the same waiting for me. (Ah, not this year) Looks like a beautifully romantic evening will follow. I really love this, every detail!

    1. Thank you I loved youre challenge so manny options to choose from!

  3. very romantic, what a lucky lady!

  4. Ooooh! What a lucky lady! I doubt if that will be happening in my house! LOL! What a great story, I "love" it!

  5. Un precioso trabajo.
    besitos ascension