Wednesday, 16 January 2013

My holiday swap items

My holiday swap:

Ok so due to mega lack of time I wasn’t able to upload what amazing things
Pepper(from michymoominiatures) has given me in our holiday swap! So it’s about time that I do that now!
( I apologize in advance if the pictures are bad, but my camera’s flash broke! GRRR)
The swap had some rules to it. They were:

Each swap has to contain six items.

Nr. 1: one of the items must be something big! Like for instance furniture...
Nr.2: the second item has to be an accessory. What kind is totally up to you
Nr.3: the third item has to be something for a dollhouse Christmas…
Nr 4: the fourth item has to be something that’s related to the room I’ve picked out of the hat for you.
Nr. 5: the fifth item has to be something you’ve made your self. This can be whatever you can think of!
And Nr 6: is a surprise item.

Luckily for me I got my package one day before I went on vacation so not opening until Christmas was very easy!
The room I had draw for us was the bathroom!

And here is what I’ve got:

 Nr. 1: A chair with pillow


 Nr.2: Some picture frames ,And two vases
Nr.3: A clear acrylic Christmas tree

Nr 4: A bathroom sink with opening drawers and cabinets!

Nr. 5: A miniature prestige saw

And Nr 6: A little plushy elephant

Unfortunately the Christmas tree got damaged during transport but I’m hoping some glue can fix that!


Any way I’m very happy with my beautiful items I hope the others are too!

Mini hugs!(>")> <(^^<) Mandy


  1. Wonderful items! Congrats!

  2. Those are all so cute! You're very lucky.

  3. Aww Mandy, you should have let me know about the tree. I'll cut another one and send it to you
    Pepper =0)

    1. Are you kidding..? no way the shipping kost must go trough the roof! besides I'm sure I can fix it! Its really sweet of you to offer though Pepper thank you!