Thursday, 6 September 2012

My first Dollhouse

This is my first dollhouse:

I got hooked on miniatures by my mom when she wanted to change her shop, so I went along to a national dollhouse fair here in Holland. I never intended to purchase anything but after walking around for an hour I saw this house:


I thought it was beautiful and I immediately knew what I would make from it if it was mine. But it was a very big house to start with so I left the booth empty-handed only to have the house haunt me with every item I saw afterwards. During lunch my mom started laughing and said:

’’ you want that big house don’t you?’’

she reads me so well sometimes!
So I went back to the entrance to get some cash and bought the house. Luckily, I was allowed to leave it at the booth until whe went home. So I bought some basic stuff... The carpet floor for the bedroom, some cool silver wallpaper, a fire place and the wooden floor for the living room.

Once I got home I off course had some explaining to do but once they saw my face they knew enough. one week later in the weekend I’ve started to work on my house .I thought it would be easy because it was already build and al.. But nothing was les true painting all the different corners was pure hell especially because I was not used to doing stuff like that with a small brush!  Eventually it toke some time but it’s almost finished the only thing I still have to do is finish the roof with its roof tiles and painting them.

Its build was mend for an old house but I wanted to make it a modern one because I just like that style better. So I made the grey stones on the outside and made the window frames black.
The staircases got some half moon flooring on it witch is very common here in Holland. De kid’s dollhouse of my work was broken and we had to throw it away but there was one wall that was still good so I took it home. And pimped it up! With the silver wallpaper I bought. Luckily it fitted in between the floor and the beams of the roof. I made a little tile floor that I can but in as a bathroom floor but I can also take it out and make the bedroom bigger. So its multi functional.

The inside is almost finished to. I only have to get/make a modern kitchen. And thats the hardest part because most international sites don’t ship to Holland. And if they do you have to pay with a credit card! Witch I don’t have so... if you guys have any tips... Let me know

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