Sunday, 16 March 2014

now we are talking!

Eh I mean miniaturing or what ever you would like to call it!
I've been making some real progress on my architect loft.
So far I've finished my bed, entertainment system and drawing table(well finished.... They all need a coat of paint or two but the structure is there!) some how with power tools I'm a mess though.. I was half way trough sawing my two windows when my one and only saw broke! I've order new ones but they can take up to two weeks before they get here. So in the mean time I've been concentrating  on something I know how to do.... Gluing!!!! Whom ever invented glue I'm a huge fan. yesterday I had a day of so I  painted every thing an even coat of colour so here's what everything looks like!

The drawing table:

 The entertainment system.:

 The bed:

I'm still working on my bathroom an my sofa, And my book cabinet is going to be the hardest to make its a very hard design. Plus I also have to work on my kitchen. So little time so much to do!
I hope I can get everything finished in time how is everybody else doing? I cant wait to see what everybody makes from it!

Mini hugs Mandy


  1. Your saw was meant to break so you could do these great paint jobs. I like everything and you sparked some ideas in my head.

  2. Very cool =0)

    Am I seeing things or does the wood have burn marks caused by a laser cutter? =0D

    1. Thanks! And no you're not seeing things. The are from a lasercutter but unfortunatly i dont one one. There was a man at the fair that sold bag of leftovers for other people to make some stuff out. I really wanta lasercutter but right now i just cant afford one so for now this will do!

    2. Wow, you made them out of leftovers? You did a great job with them =0)

  3. I'm so impressed with your furniture, it's gorgeous! Great work.

    I think we're all hoping we can finish in time...including me. :)