Sunday 16 March 2014

now we are talking!

Eh I mean miniaturing or what ever you would like to call it!
I've been making some real progress on my architect loft.
So far I've finished my bed, entertainment system and drawing table(well finished.... They all need a coat of paint or two but the structure is there!) some how with power tools I'm a mess though.. I was half way trough sawing my two windows when my one and only saw broke! I've order new ones but they can take up to two weeks before they get here. So in the mean time I've been concentrating  on something I know how to do.... Gluing!!!! Whom ever invented glue I'm a huge fan. yesterday I had a day of so I  painted every thing an even coat of colour so here's what everything looks like!

The drawing table:

 The entertainment system.:

 The bed:

I'm still working on my bathroom an my sofa, And my book cabinet is going to be the hardest to make its a very hard design. Plus I also have to work on my kitchen. So little time so much to do!
I hope I can get everything finished in time how is everybody else doing? I cant wait to see what everybody makes from it!

Mini hugs Mandy

Monday 24 February 2014

What A Year!

Hello everyone!

As my title may say A little bit about this post my year has not really started great!
I'm not sure if I’ve ever told you. But my real life day to day work is with a childcare organization.
Over the past few months our government has decided to really cut back on the help and support for parents in the child care system. And because of that a lot of our parents can’t afford child care anymore. Causing our centers to go empty and losing even more parents because they have lost there jobs! Needles to say that our centers have to deal with the blow to! Earlier in 2013 my work hours got reduced with five hours less every weak. And in January I heard that there taking another five hours away from me! Causing me to not have enough money to pay fir my home and bills. So I went searching for an extra job on the side witch is not that easy, but I found a few. Causing me to work four jobs now in order to pay my bills. I don’t have to tell you that I don’t have a lot of spare time left to spend on my minis and the time that I do have I’m usually to tired to do anything and I use that time to spend with my dog (yes I bought my own dog before this whole drama started) her name is Loortje (short from Dolores) and she’s a real cutie.

Lately I’ve been able to do a few miniature things and  she seems to be quite curios to see what I am doing and after thutalli sniffing every item I hold she settles down and go's to sleep. I also owe a huge apology to Kristine over ar papperdollminiatures for I still havend been able to send her her winnings from my contest. To make it up to you Kristine I’ve added a few items extra and as soon as my paycheck arrives it will be on its watt to you! I promise! In the time I’ve been giving myself I’ve been working on a few items if my loft of witch I’m hopping I’ll still be able to finish even though I have so much to do! I've also found some wood print sticker at a local arts and craft store and I’ve used it to cover my yellow IKEA furniture planks. Here's what it looks like!

 I’ve also been working on a few swap items because I still had one planned with Megan. And I want to make it right! And something you will actually be happy with. Also I’ve been looking for a way to make a cornered sofa because buying one is out if the question now! Anyone got any idea's let me know. Well that’s it for now I need to walk my dog and get ready for job one and two today.
 Mini hugs Mandy

Sunday 27 October 2013

undersized urbanite dollhouse contest!

Undersized Urbanite contest.

Ok so I've decided to enter again this year but this time I've decided to enter with an entire house
I'm planning on making it really masculine this time and considering my 17 year old cousin decided that dollhouses are for kids only I decided I'm going to prove him wrong. He is studying to be an architect and his taste is very modern (like mine)So  I figured why not combine the two and make an architect loft! This lady at my work gave me the perfect base to start with and it's going to be very sleek with lots of white grey and wood items.

Here's the base where I'm going to make the loft from:
Also we went to this small dollhouse fair here in Holland a few
weeks back and I bought some items that are definitely going to be in there:
A kit for some document folders

 A very cool vitrine closet

Some leather for the sofa!

A pringels can
A modern vase

Two Glass jars

Three suitcases
A black plate

Some architect drawing tools!

And a cupcake

I've also made a concrete coffee table:

Well that was all I've done so far lets get back to building our house!

Mini  Hugs Mandy

Monday 30 September 2013


As you all know I had started A challenge over the course of the summer:

The challenge was:

To create a scene to make it look like the inhibitor has just gotten back from a holiday or is just going on a holiday! Whatever you decide to make is up to you but there is one catch.
The scene must show your holiday destination! whether it’s in the form of a road map, a shopping bag, a suitcase label or something else it must be shown in the pictures

 The Winner will receive these prizes:

Since I only had one participant, The winner is clear as glass!
Take a look at this great welcome home scene made by her:

Dear Kristine please contact me about witch one of the tables you want to have so that I can send you your prizes!

Mini hugs Mandy

Wednesday 18 September 2013

Changing the date!

Hi everyone I just wanted to let you guys know that I'm moving the date of my challenge the first time the end was today(september 19th). Until I realised that its on a thursday?! I thought it would be weird to end a contest in the middel of the week so I'm moving it to: sunday the 29th of september giving you guys some extra time! And me some time to read everything the whole day long insted of in one evening! I look forward to seing it. And go get you guys inspired take a look at this great welcome home scene from Kristine:

Mini hugs Mandy

Wednesday 11 September 2013

I’ve been creative!

Hello everybody,
I just wanted to let you know that despite my absence in blogging I have been busy.
Besides officially moving In, in my own house(jay!!)
I’ve also been making a few things such as these:

A bath tub!


 I've made it out of an old picture frame:
you can place it on the stand with the bottom foot.


Or you can hang it on the hole in the back:
I've also made this cabinet witch was inspired by this photo I've found on Google:
only I've decided to not make the pipe go all the way through because that would take away from the space on the shelves

And last but not least I've made a bulletin board inspired by the great: the shopping sherpa

All and all I love these items and you will be seeing them in a few scenes soon !
Mini hugs Mandy

Onley 8 more days!

Hay everyone,

I just wanted to remind you of my summer challenge.


The challenge is:

To create a scene to make it look like the inhibitor has just gotten back from a holiday or is just going on a holiday! Whatever you decide to make is up to you but there is one catch.
The scene must show your holiday destination! whether it’s in the form of a road map, a shopping bag, a suitcase label or something else it must be shown in the pictures


You have to mail me a link to your scene to:  mandyvlak89atgmaildotcom


Remember the end submitting date is : September 19th


I will announce the winners on the 30th of September.
The Winner will receive these prizes: